Stephen King vs Stephenie Meyer

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

As a mom, I mostly read what my kids read. From the “Magic School House” series to “Lonely Bones”; I read the entire Harry Potter books and almost done with the last Twilight saga, "breaking dawn".

I must say that I’m a J.K. Rowling fan. I read all 7 books with enthusiasm (except for the 2nd book, “The Chamber of Secrets”). I reserved the books in Barnes and Noble and even did the midnight pick-up!

A friend introduced me to the Twilight series and I got totally hooked. I had to stay-up late just to read as much pages as I can (except for the 2nd book, “New Moon”). Hhmmm…what’s with 2nd books anyway?

Between Facebook and reading the Twilight books, I felt like I was a teen again. I was glad that Stephenie Meyer(SM) wrote it the way she did. Reading “Twilight” revived my love for reading.
It's not the same vampires as Anne Rice's. But you can call my husband, while reading the Twilight books, I sometimes looked at my hubby with such twinkle in my eyes that he didn’t care if I was reading for hours and hours. The story lines made me fall in love all over again! And yes, like a teeny-bopper (but a little mature one!)!

My husband loves Stephen King’s (SK) books. 15 years ago, he introduced me to SK’s “The Stand”. Oh boy, I couldn’t finish the book! I got so totally scared. ( Mind you, I don’t watch scary movies).

So Mr. King, you may think Stephenie Meyer “can’t write worth a darn”, but with her books,
SM has motivated millions of teens and moms to enjoy reading once again.

Therefore, read on!

By the way, HBO True Blood fans might find some similarities .
Joniann, I know I've emailed you a hundred times - thank you for sharing Edward and Bella!

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