Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Do you want to read what I just wrote?
My husband said, “every word!”

I write poetry it seems like it
I express myself in poems rather than essay form.
But I do write essays – sentences long,
Poetry’s more artistic and sounds like music.

Essay requires a certain discipline,

Subjects, verbs, predicates and those things
All arranged the way my English teacher taught me
Constrained by the conventions of English 101 rules.

I love writing poems,
I think in jpeg forms;
Words - English, Filipino or “ewok”,
Not in my mind at all.

Pictures, colors and art,
Occupies every space in my mind;
My hands type and put together the words,
My heart projects the vision in my mind.

Every color, every angle
Every sound, every tune;
It’s not a sentence or a paragraph
But music, prose and poem.
Artwork by Josh (2007)

Copyright 2009 © GottaLoveMom CJ Solutions, Inc Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited

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