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Friday, February 27, 2009

I. On adults kissing on TV
Dad and Josh are watching TV. And a commercial appeared on TV.
Josh: “ Dad, why do people kiss naked while in bed? “Dad: “Huh??”Josh: “Dad’s gross!”

II. On PDAEnd of day, usual PDA in our household.
I’m making dinner and honey comes along to give me a tight big hug.
Josh: “Watch-out people, there’s a child in the room!”
III. Mom, are you working today?Josh asked, “Mom, are you working today?”Mom replied, “Why are you asking?”Josh: “Mom, you work everyday!”Mom, “What kind of work do you think I do every day?”Josh: “Mom, you’re job is to worry!”
IV. Go ask DaddyJosh: “Mom, can I sleep over Gavin’s house?”Mom: “I don’t think so.”Josh: “Why?”Mom: “Go ask your Dad.” ( My way of getting out of a possible long conversation)
Josh: “Mom, you always say that – Go ask your Craig(Dad).But then Dad always says – Go ask Mommy.I think you’re just trying to make me dizzy!”

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