Monday, February 09, 2009

So when do you think about your kids’ college education?
I guess the moment they’re born!

So when does your child seriously think about the college application process?
Some start in the 2nd year in High School.
Some start in their junior year.
Some start as early as middle school.

The first time you go through the college application process with your child
is one the most exciting and nerve-racking experience!
Wait till you actually send your kid away to college – a new spectrum of emotions!

The second time you go through it,
You’ve learned more about the process.
Some kids know exactly where they want to go;
Some kids know exactly what to major in;
And there are a lot of the kids who wouldn’t know for sure –
until they’re in college!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate for January 2009 is 7.6% . However, workers with the college education the rate is more or less 3.5%. Although, those who are graduating from college this year, unemployment rate seems to be higher. With the work force being competitive as ever, having some form of higher education will always be beneficial. (Unless you’re one of those wiz kids like Bill Gates and Michael Dell that don’t have to finish college.)
What is college life anyway?

With the economy as it is, parents are reviewing different options -
Even with academic merits and scholarships,
the decision to send kids to community colleges or local universities
is definitely on their minds - (it's definitely in my mind!)

What would you do if you’re stucked in the middle?
You’re not poor enough to get all the financial grants you need?
You’re not rich enough to fully finance the cost of college?

No matter what it is, engage your child in the process.
Apply to as much scholarships as you can–
it’ll be a “feel good” experience between you and your child;
There is no such thing as "little" accomplishment!

Explore different options;
Visit different campuses;
Make the process a stress-free as possible.

(Next issue: Taking the SATs and SAT Prep classes!)

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