I am, I feel, I'm tired

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I’m grouchy
I feel like I’m ugly.
I’m swollen
I feel like I’m chunky.
I’m testy
I feel like crying
I’m happy
I feel like dancing.
I’m tired
I feel like sleeping.
I’m cranky
I feel like shouting.

I know this is temporary
It’s all hormones that’s driving me crazy.
Men luckily don’t have to suffer
They just had to listen to us women utter..
“ I am…. I feel…I'm tired”


It’s that time of the month when no matter how much “fighting spirit” you have in you,
you still cave in to the moodiness, “glutton” and the “blah” of your body. And as you hit the age of 40 something, it is even more difficult to control these body-chemical changes.
Even though we feel like we should just lay in bed and hug our blankets, we still manage to make breakfast, get the kids ready for school, tidy-up the house, go over the mail, pick-up the kids from school, drive them to a play date, birthday party or taekwon-do, make dinner, and then get them ready for bed.

If guys were mothers, the house will be a mess, kids will have to find ways to get to and from school, feed themselves and take a day-off from any socializing or enrichment programs!

However, it takes a thoughtful husband to take note of your “calendar” to work around your mood swings….and it takes a sweet child to give you a panda bear hug knowing that you can definitely use one!

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