FRIENDS – moms and friendship

Sunday, February 08, 2009

You meet friends growing up;
And when they stay with you when you’re older -
That’s priceless!

Children give joy to their mothers;
Crumbcatchers expand mom’s social network.
Making friends with your child’s friends’ moms
- A gift a child unknowingly gives his/her mom.

We wave hello,
We chat online,
We sip a cup of tea together,
We comment on each other’s FB status.

People say, “Children are our future”
But it is only true because “mothers raise their children well.”
Our friendship grows as our child grows,
Will it last, I wouldn't know.

I live in a town where moms get along-
It may not be every single time,
But I can say most of the time.
And we all have a common goal – and that is to smile.

It took over a decade for me to build such friendships,
But it doesn’t matter if it took that long.
If it doesn’t last, it is alright, too;
Because I was able to laugh and cry .

To all my Cranford friends – thank you for being there!
Or is it thank you for being “here”
Or better yet – Thank you for being “everywhere” !
Online, in person and in the dance floor!
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