My Most Memorable Food Moment

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Mom’s Recipe by Grandma Roz

A cup of warm milk and lots of unconditional love


1 cup of milk
1 stove
2 chairs
Lots of love

How a cup of warm milk can be my most memorable food moment..

The year is 1961 and I am 19 years old
It’s very late and I can’t sleep.

I broke up with a fella I had been dating for a long time, and I was heartbroken.
I was crying and I suppose my mother heard me.
She asked me to join her in the kitchen and proceeded to warm a glass of milk..
When she brought the milk to the table, I asked her why warm milk ( I hated warm milk, and she didn’t like my boyfriend).

She said, “It would warm your soul, and lift your spirits”.

We sat together and talked, while I sipped the warm milk.

During our late night talk, my mother never mentioned the fact that she didn’t like this fella. She never mentioned that she was happy to know that we were not going to be together anymore.

Instead, she just held my hand and let me talk, and told me that I would be alright.
She helped mend my broken heart.

Shortly thereafter, my mom died. She was 52 and I was 19.

My heart broke that day, but the memory of that “warm glass of milk” has sustained me for all these many years.

Grandma Roz is my husband’s mom (she's my mom, too!). I call her “mom”. Although I never had a warm glass of milk, she always has a warm tea and cookies every time I needed to calm down.

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Thanks, mom.

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  1. I wish we could share that warm cup of tea and cookies tonight. Love you, Mom


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