love notes from my children

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I know Valentine’s Day is around the corner.
However, I wish it’s mother’s day already!

I love Mother’s Day.
Although I get notes from my children from time to time,
Mother's day love letters are my favorite!
I enjoy reading their love notes from when they're little.

Have you been collecting your child’s love letters to you?
How about some special text messages?
Do you keep them in a box?

Buy a binder and plastic inserts and voila!
You have a quick scrap book of your kids’ poems, artwork and letters!
Whenever I feel sad about something;
Whenever I feel like my babies have grown so fast;
I grab those binders and browse through their love notes.
Here's one written by my Nicole (age 9, 1998)

Makes me feel special;
Opens heart to others;
Thinks of other people;
Helps people;
Ever so special;
Radiant is the word for you!

Dear Mom,
I love you so much. You mean so much to me.
Sometimes I get mad at you, but then I forget about it, or
I say I’m sorry.
Mom, you’re very helpful.
Whenever I need help on my homework,
I always go to you first.
You help me, and I get the answer.

When I do the laundry and I need help;
I go to you only.
I might need help because
I probably don’t know what to turn it to;
And you help me.
You’re very helpful.

I really look up to you.
You’re the best mom.
I love you very much.
PS – You’re very special to me.

Artwork by my uncle, Cayo Baes

Copyright 2009 © GottaLoveMom CJ Solutions, Inc Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited

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