Seventeen, a tough year!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A lot has happened between me and my son;
We learned a lot about each other the past year.
We argued,
We fought,
We yelled but
We made peace towards the end;

There were things we don’t agree with;
There were feelings said we wish we can take back;
There were tears shed that broke both our hearts;
But one thing remains – we love each other no matter what.

I’m happy for text messaging;
We voiced our anger, our sorrow, our love
We expressed in capitals and punctuations
We screamed as fast as our fingers can type!

We’ve been through a lot
Separation, death and losses;
Hopes, dreams and chances shattered;
But one thing remains – we have faith we can move on.

Eighteen, he will be in 4 months or so;
College is just around the corner, too.
Work, friends, school and fun
But one thing I hope for both of us –
That we share the rest of our lives with love, understanding and a lot of smiley faces =D

Artwork by Mikey.
( My 17-year old was surprised when I hang it in our pool room. He did not think it was worthy of wall space. Of course, I told him that I'm proud of him.)

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