A letter from a son, A mother's reply

Friday, February 20, 2009

Dear Mom,

You are the greatest mother ever!
You gave me life,
You gave me hope,
And someone that could help me.
TO me you are my life, as well as love.
You are the greatest of all mothers,
And the symbol of love and happiness for me.

Sure I care about other people, but you are number one.
I know that you are my life and my world.
You are a blessing that speaks to me,
And gives me something to live and believe in.

Thank you for the love you have given me.

Jonathon (age 8) April 30, 2004
Artwork by Nicole, 1999

My son,
Five years have passed since you wrote that note,
Read it once, twice, a thousand times
Still tickles my heart and makes me smile.

You are now 13 and you’ve grown quite bit,
Almost tall as me, but your heart’s so big.
Though there were few times we do disagree,
There’s always a kiss and a hug waiting for me.

Strangers are amazed on how well you speak
Not just the issues that they agree with;
You extend your hand to introduce yourself
Right at that moment, they’re even more astonished.

You do so much, you work so hard;
You dream of hope and aspire so high;
I can only guide, help and care
That you enjoy every hour of each day.

Photograph by Jen2 taken at Hershey's Garden 2007

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