Just like the first time - my dear child

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I remember the first time I saw the EPT plus sign;
I remember the first time I heard your heartbeat;
I remember the first time I felt your kick;
I remember the first time I realizes that I’m a “mom”!

My dear child – before you, it was just “me”;
In about seven to nine months, you and I were one;
I nourished my body, so that you can be healthy;
I listened to “Beethoven”, so that you can be musical;
I sang you a song, so that you can hear my voice.
And when I heard your first cry, my whole life had a new purpose!

I cried when you got sick,
I didn’t know what I did wrong.
I laughed when you said, “mama”,
My heart smiled and grew strong.

I recorded every step,
I photographed every smile;
I wrote down every emotion,
I prayed you’ll do fine.

I longed for your hugs,
I craved for your kisses.
I jumped at every stories
You eagerly relate with your sweet voice.

I cried when you were sad,
I was sorry when I got mad.
I pushed you to do it all,
I know you’ll be successful in this world.

You greeted my mornings,
With smiles and yearnings;
You waited for my “good-nites”,
With tranquil lullabies.

Now that you’re older,
I still see in your eyes;
The love and happiness you gave me
Just like the first time , my dear child.
Artwork , "Accidental Waterfall" by Josh 2004

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