Family Time

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Day-to-day can be hectic-
School, gymnastics,
Piano, TaeKwon-do,
Homework, sports
Playdates, and auditions, too!

Facebook, bills, housekeeping,

And laundry that never ends;

Paperwork and school notices
Before you know it – its time to cook again!

Dinner time is a must;
Time to eat and discuss;
Hopefully nothing stressful;
Hopefully just about anything.

A walk with your husband,
Catch-up conversations with your college daughter,
Quick “how are you’s” with your 17-year old;
Breakfast dates with your 13-year old;

“Connect Four” with your 7 year-old
Seems like the day is too short
And yet you’re body’s screaming
“Time for bed and get some zzzzzzs”.

Hello’s and good-nites” – a must in our house.
“Mom, I’m home”, A quick text message,
A short post-it note on my wall,
I’ll take any – just for me to know where my babies are.

Everyone grows fast
Time slips by quicker than you know;
Spontaneous family time
Is good enough to put into my “family memory bank”!
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