Swifter - an OCD's best buddy

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Winter hits me with major OCD attacks.
With all the snow, salt and dust from heating vents, I’m always surrounded by my worst enemies – mess and dirt!

After the early morning school drop-off rush, when I glance at my living room, (with sunlight coming through the windows and glass door), the salt, white mud and winter boots present a major torture to my OCD heart.

You should see how I struggle to move my feet away from the “mess” but those same feet will run down the basement to get the Swifter Sweeper with Wet mopping cloths and commission my hands to grab the Swifter duster! Thanks to Costco, I can buy them in bulk!

I didn't realize my seven year old was reading what I’m typing and asked me ,
“Mom, what’s OCD?”

So I said
Little guy, it stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It’s like when someone feels the urge to make everything organized, tidy, and spends so much time putting away stuff….things like that AND gets totally worried and rattled if those things are not accomplished!”
He then says to me, “Mom, you’re totally OCD!”

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