Friday, February 20, 2009

Heroes by Nicole (age 10) 03.29.99

My hero is my mom;
She is my hero because she’s kind, very thoughtful and a hardworker;
And she always perseveres.

One example of her being kind is that she is always nice to everyone.
She’s never rude to others.
She is very thoughtful because she doesn’t just think of herself,
She thinks of other people, too.

Some of these people are her friends and family.

She is a hardworker because she always tries to do her best at every thing.
She always perseveres because she never gives up,
Even if it’s a difficult task.

That’s my hero.

I save my kids notes and artwork. Most of them got lost or damaged.
With a binder and plastic inserts, I treasure my Crumbcatchers' love-notes to me.

Now, I can pick one a day and post it together with their artwork.
It helps me remember how they were as my little angels and when I'm totally feeling down for whatever reason, these love-notes never fail to cheer me up!

Photograph by Jen2 taken at Hershey's Garden 2007
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