What is a "mom"?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Webster defines a mom as “a female parent, woman in authority
or someone who cares for or protects like a mother

But what really is a mom?

She’s someone who gives birth to a child:
or someone who adopts a child.

She’s an aunt who holds her nieces and nephew’s hand;
An aunt who wipes their tears,
Praises their accomplishments,
Lifts their spirits when they’re feeling low,
And laughs with them when they’re happy.

She’s a grandma who says –
“Honey, you did a great job!”
“Honey, don’t worry, everything will work out just fine!”
“I am here for you!”
She’s a grandma who will bravely drive from
parkway exit 88 to exit 136 –
just to watch a grandson’s concert!

She’s a teacher, a mentor, a friend’s mom
Who’s always there to guide, listen and teach.
She’s someone who’s a soothing, comforting and safe person
who loves a child like their own, no matter what;

A mom is someone special who -
have held a child’s hand;
have touched a child’s heart.
have opened their hearts into a child’s life

To all the “moms” and “wanna-be-moms”,
A child can never have too much love,
Keep loving, caring and teaching a child,
you have been given the most important role in one’s life.

- by Grandma Roz

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