Pick Your Battle

Friday, February 13, 2009

Two decades of being a mom,
I’ve messed-up quite a few,
I’ve learned a lot more,
And I’ve managed to live through -
hormones, tears and joy!
The little cuties love to say, “Yes, but…”
The pre-tweens start conversing like aliens;
The late teens will drive you insane;
The college kids will push their independence.

When things don’t seem in order,
Your initial reaction is to rattle their senses;
To say don’ts here and there;
To question the why’s and how come;

My husband, my partner, their father, my support –
He keeps me in check and taught me a lot;
“Pick your battle” – he always says;
It took a while, but it does make sense.

Not every single chore’s a fight;
Not every little disorderly's an X-mark;
Not every request is a negotiation;
Not every discussion is a debate;
"Pick your battle", does make sense.

Compromise, analyze,
Guide and understand.
Reason, take a stand,
Discipline and Encourage.

Raising children is a job;
It is easier with honey around.
I can be the good one;
And sometimes be the “un-bending” one.
But either way, it’s all love - a mother’s love.

So learn how “how to pick your battle”
A lesson well-earned;
Smiles, peaceful disagreements;
Hugs and kisses – hand and hand.
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