Sunday, February 15, 2009

You’ve seen Robin Leach’s “Lifestyles with the Rich and Famous”;
You probably have the latest electronic gadgets;
You probably grew up thinking year 2000 will be the Jetson’s era;
But have you ever noticed how peaceful an hour walk to the park can be?

Have you kicked-off the dried maple leaves that are covering the ground?
Have you stopped by the bridge and listen to the ducks quack?
Have you marveled at how the branches extend its arms toward the sun?
Have you said “I’m lucky” for walking hand-in-hand?

Do you smile when a child runs freely in the woods?
Do you chuckle when a child laughs hysterically at a box?
Do you dance when you hear the birds sing?
Do your eyes twinkle when you notice beauty, peace and nature?

Look around, you’ll definitely see plenty of simple things
That can warm your heart,
Put a smile on your face,
And make you scream, “Thank you”.

To my husband and kids, family and friends:
Happy Valentine's Day - everyday is a RED-rose day!

Photographs taken with my beat-up Canon powershot SD110; Cranford River 02.15.2009 - one gorgeous winter afternoon

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  1. Mom said - You touched my heart. Very well written and a good reminder about how lucky we are to have this day. The pictures are beautiful and so are you.


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