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A challenge worth accomplishing..

Sometimes, I get too complacent. Sometimes, I get lazy. Sometimes, I get scared to push myself... Thank goodness for my 9yo who reminds me every now and then... My 9yo has a busy schedule, just like his three older brothers and sister. And sometimes I get overwhelmed, and get worried. So one day, I was talking to him about gymnastics. With the intense summer schedule ( 2 ½ hours four nights a week), I asked my little guy if he wanted to quit. And he said,     “Mom, I told you, I quit quitting.” I replied,    “But gymnastics is such a commitment even at summer time. Your hands are getting calloused, you're getting bruised and you won’t get to play that much at the pool. And there’s so much competition and so much hard work. It’s okay if you want to stop.” He answered,    “Mom, remember when I said "no" to the South Pacific musical international tour?"     I nodded... (We said no after a call-back because being on tour interferes with family)

There's nothing like happy babies!

"Be the change you want to see in the world."  - Mahatma Gandhi There's one thing I want. I want happy children. Earlier today, my kids and I went over some "vintage" photographs of mine, and we never laughed harder. There's sweetness in my day every time I see a child's smile. Their giggles are contagious. Their silliness makes them adorable. The twinkle in their eyes can melt your heart... Being happy in life is all that matters. So enjoy your day, and hug someone you love, give them a call, send them a text, poke them through FaceBook, and keep them close to your heart. You are a miracle, a gift. "There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle." - Albert Einstein So what change to you want to see in the world?

A Mom is an inspiration, A Dad is a solution

"A Mom is an inspiration, a Dad is a solution." - Joshee, 9yo, 2010 My 9yo had a tough weekend with his asthma and high fever. In one of his panic mode at around 2am, he woke us up and wanted us to call 911. His peak flow was within the “treatable” level and after one nebulizer treatment it was back up to normal. I was leaning towards calling 911 to calm him (and myself) down but my husband, his Dad, calmly guided him how to breathe and made him realize that there was nothing to be concerned about. As soon as he calmed down, I told my 9yo,      "See, you don’t need me. Daddy always figures it out.” My 9yo son then replied,      “Mom, of course I need you. A Mom is the inspiration, a Dad is the solution.” My husband chuckled and commented,    “Is it like saying, mothers follow their hearts and fathers follow their brain?” And then he laughed harder and added,   “You might get in trouble with that line of thinking because some might think that wh

Childhood friends last a lifetime!

Unlike my four crumbcatchers, my family and I moved around when I was little. In the middle of grade school, we moved to a different home; in high school we must have moved twice; and then right after College I traveled thousands of miles away from the Philippines and landed in California! With the help of technology, especially the internet, my kids will always keep in touch with their childhood friends! Plus everyone just lives in the same neighborhood. You see them all grow from nursery to college! Most of my “growing” up years were before the internet. Yes, can you believe it? No Blackberry, no Facebook, no MySpace, no Twitter, no YouTube, no Yahoo Instant Messaging and no email! Can you imagine a life without these conveniences (or annoyances?) I remember writing snail mail to my college friends when I first got here from the Philippines. Sometimes the mail took a month to get from US to Manila. So the news is no longer news! And every Christmas when a Christmas c