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My Daily Game Plan: Ernabel Demillo of Asian American Life [ Nominated for 2017 New York Emmy® Awards] on Morning Routine, Girls Night Out, Family & Career

I’m a California girl at heart, whose soul now belongs to New York.   I’m a jaded, romantic, who believes in crazy-about-you love. I’m a daydreamer and goalkeeper. And I’m always planning my next adventure.  What’s your morning routine?   My weekday routine, during the school year may scare people away, so I’m going to tell you what a typical Sunday is like.  I’m the first to get up and my dog, Stella follows me downstairs. I love the quiet stillness in the morning in my kitchen, with the sun streaming in.  I start my day with a glass of warm lemon water – and coffee with almond milk and cinnamon.  Then I walk Stella.  We live on an acre of land and our backyard looks like a park.  It’s a nice meditative time with her, until she sees a rabbit or deer and then I have to chase her down. I have a nice breakfast, then it’s off to work out.  I’m currently obsessed with TRX/Spin fusion classes and Pilates. I work out at least 4 days a week – 6 days when I’m off from work.   Then I

Love: What Matters Most

Whenever conversations mention "love",  few movies, books and television series come to mind: Princess Bride,   a romantic movie date, tells of the love story of Buttercup and Westley, who had a chaotic courtship but eventually lived happily ever after. In the movie, Westley was badly hurt, and he was brought to the healer, Miracle Max. Miracle Max asked a dying Westley.                  "What's so important? What do you got here that's worth living for?"                    Westley faintly replied, "True love". This is Us.   A television series on NBC about a family, 3 of whom share the same birthday. My favorite character is the father, Jack Pearson. His priorities begin and start with his wife and children. His love for his family reminds me so much more of my own father. In dealing with life's challenges, I find myself asking, "What would Dad do?" so you can imagine how I felt when I watched the episode