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Filipino New Year's Eve Traditions

  Happy New Year! Here are a few Filipino New Year's Eve traditions , folk beliefs or superstitions: For Good Fortune: Round things or shapes are a symbol of luck and good fortune. 1) Wear polka dots or clothing with circles or round shapes.  2) Put coins in the corners of your house 3) Fill your pockets with coins and money 4) Serve a variety of food and fruits that are round-shaped For Good Vibes 1) Clean/dust your home before ringing in the New Year 2) Open doors and windows and turn on the lights 3) Make a lot of noise to welcome the New Year: (You can bang on the pans and pots, or ring the bells) For Fun ( to grow taller and stronger) Jump as high as you can when the clock strikes 12. Enjoy your Media Noche ( New Year's Eve midnight dinner) with your loved one. Wishing you all peace, laughter, good health, joy and love in the New Year!