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WHERE ANGELS PLAY: a foundation to forever remember the 26 angels ofSandy Hook Elementary; a new song that touches our hearts to remind usthat “they’re more than okay, not far away, where angels play.”

"There are no words left to hear  But I’ll reach you, you’ll know I’m near  Go on hold on, go on let go  We’re worlds apart, but closer than you know  In my world, there’s nowhere, nowhere I can’t go In my world, there’s nothing, nothing I can’t do  I can climb up to the sky  Catch the stars like fireflies  Laugh and slide back down without touching the ground On wings of light  If you could just see my face in this magical place  I’m so much more than okay, not far away  Where angels play." That's the first verse of the newly released song, "Where Angels Play",  by written by Cheryl DaVeiga and Maria Adubato.

Making TIME for a Happy Simple Life

We all need an occasional break for sanity's sake.  There are benefits of making TIME for YOU.

Twilight Author, Stephenie Meyer at NY Comic-Con: "Life and Death", the demise of the "Midnight Sun" because of "Grey" and "Depressed and Suicidal" Edward Cullen

Stephenie Meyer, author of the vampire romance series, “Twilight” was at New York Comic-Con on Thursday. Most of the fans waited in line to see the author talk about the “Midnight Sun”, the unreleased novel that retells the Twilight story in the point of view of Edward Cullen. She said that there’s always something and that the book seemed to be cursed. First, the "raw" chapters were leaked. Then "Twilight" movie "changed the way she was seeing the characters" which she said was "uncomfortable for writing because she wasn't seeing the characters they way she had." But once she completed "Life and Death" she said she was "in a better place, she was happier in the whole world" which prompted her to "start back at the Midnight Sun" which got the fans excited.  Meyer said "Stop right there" as fans applauded and cheered. "Listen to the story" she continued to say,

Celebrating Childhood at the 2015 New York ComicCon

New York is the one place you can be whoever you want to be and no one will judge. And if people do judge, it's more of acknowledging WHO you are. This weekend New York ComicCon is at the Javits Center. Midtown Manhattan is treated to the most artistic, the geekiest, the funniest place to be. The first time I heard of the ComicCon was 2 years ago when my husband and I were in Maryland for one of my son's college tour visits. People of all ages were in full costume and attitude parallel to their animated characters.  As I walked through the Blue doors, thanks to MakilalaTV, I was initially overwhelmed at my playground for the day. I felt like I was part of a Marvel DC Comics movie. Surrounded  by Super Heroes, I didn't know which way to go first. As my daughter said, "You'll be in familiar environment. Instead of being silly and wacky at home, you can meet your new playmates!"

Another New York City Adventure: Philippine Gold at Asia Society, Gryffindor-like Dining and Protest at Columbia University

Once upon a time, not too long ago  - and in fact, just a few days ago - I hopped on a train to New York to meet with friends and explore. The day started with a luncheon at Brother Jimmy's BBQ. I met my fellow co-hosts at Makila, the first Filipino American Television Talk Show in the New York metropolitan area. We ate, talked, laughed and put together a robust plan of action for the next 6 months. This coming Saturday marks a new milestone for the Makilala Team. We will be taping for the first time at our new home, Manhattan Neighborhood Network's El Barrio Firehouse. I'm the lead-host for our two (2), yes, you read it correctly, not one (1) but two (2) upcoming episodes. The first one is   "The road to pre-colonial Filipino ancestry paved in gold" . I've heard so much about the gold exhibit at Asia Society that I needed to see it myself. With the urging of my friend, I took the MTA Bus (M4). It was my first time to take the bus! All