My Oscar Moment

Friday, February 27, 2009

(I'm not a perfect mom. I mess-up here and there but I can honestly say that I do try to be the best!)
Feb 20, 2009, however, is one of my OSCAR moment! It’s always a crazy day in our household – that means you can’t really plan on sticking to a schedule because stuff that you didn’t plan always manages to sneak into your calendar!

My 13-year old woke up with a severe headache and he really wants to see a doctor. ( He was congested over the weekend). Our pediatrician has walk-in hours till 9am. So I was crazily rushing the two boys to be out of the house by 8:20am.

I dropped-off my almost 8-year old to school. With his heavy backpack and thick winter jacket, he walked to the school entrance.

My 13-year old then commented on how cute his little brother is! ( They do fight here and there!)
While waiting in the pediatrician’s office, one of the fathers noticed my mini-laptop.
He then started a conversation with my 13 year old. A few minutes into the conversation,
My son extended his hand and formally introduced himself:

My name is Jonathon, what’s your name ?” My son then faced the little boy and gingerly asked him for his name, too.
They exchanged pleasantries. The father then asked Jon what he thinks of the economy.

I’m like, “Hmm… this can be interesting, " but I pretended to continue typing away in my laptop.

Jonathon responded:
“We are in a recession but like any other times, he hopes that it will get better. “
The father asked what he thinks of the economic stimulus package.

Jonathon answered him with “First of all, I wished they read the entire 1000 plus page bill before the congress actually voted on it. I think most of the housing problems we are experiencing now is due to the fact that people did not really read and understand the fine print. “
“ There are a lot of good points to the stimulus package – like the infrastructure projects, energy efficiency, etc.”

And finally, the nurse called us in!

The father then looked at me and said, You have a very fine man, there! I realized how smart he is the moment he introduced himself and shook my hand!”

Artwork by J2 , 2004

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