....in 7 seconds I shattered mine...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Have you seen the movie, "Seven Pounds" ?
Well, I just did last night (on-demand)...

Its a reminder that in a seven seconds, one can shatter plenty of lives...

Click HERE for more photo's of nature's beauty.

"In 7 days, G-d created the world,
   in 7 seconds I shattered mine. "
                                     - Ben Thomas (from the movie, "Seven Pounds")

Please pledge to keep your mind on the wheel!
Please pass the message along.

Here are some things you can do to pass the message along:
1) Talk to your PTA or community organizations
     (Cranford, NJ High School PTA will post the campaign ad in
       the November-December issue of their newsletter)
2) Write to your local newspaper
3) Print the Mom Sends the Msg logo and tape it to your car and your teenagers' cars.
4) Talk about it with your kids, families and friends.
5) Email verizonwireless.com or your wireless provider to see if they can create a PSA for TV
6) Get everyone involved!

Visit  the Mom Sends the Msg website - be informed, sign the pledge and mean it!

New deadline for the "The Mom Sends the Msg PSA video" is November 16.
Get your creative mind at work, make a difference and win cash prizes up to $1000!

Click HERE to submit your entries! (Good-luck!)


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  1. Hi, Jenjen -missed reading your regular posts. :) But just to say that you're not forgotten, come by and pick up a couple of awards from my blog. :)

  2. Is that the movie with Wil Smith? If it was, yes...makes you think twice.


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