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Living life to the fullest

Hi everyone! First of all, thank you for being here!

I’m sorry if I’m not around much. The first few weeks of school, the going-ons with my family, typhoon in the Philippines and trying to finish my project make it impossible to be here every day.
(Working on the first draft of my project needed more time and consideration as I anticipated. The kids said I should go on in a mountain resort for a month and then I can fully concentrate. They probably forgot that I am their mother and that I have to be around for them and of course my dh!)

Life does happen and we have to be able to adjust – be flexible.
Life has a way of filling up one’s week with roller coaster of emotions.

First few days were focused on worrying about the typhoon in the Philippines, how to get donations for the victims of the typhoon, kids’ homework, motherhood, rekindling friendships and some health issues. When I thought my week will just be one of those “downer” weeks, something special (and fun) happened!

1) The second typhoon that was expected to hit the Philippines, didn’t happen; Thank G-d!
2) One of my kids just gave me the highest compliment –my 18yo wanted me to raise his kids the way I raised (raising) mine;
3) Back-to-school night, my 8yo wrote that I am talented but the best talent I have is being a mother;
4) My kids’ pediatrician ran out of flu shots (for now but will be available in a few weeks). My 8yo was happy because no shots but he still got his BK!
5) I had this throbbing headache morning and night - but it finally went away!
6) Music from my children filled the house with joy;
7) My dear neighbor-friend had an extra ticket to the Bruce Springsteen concert!

I’ve been in this country for 25 years and I still feel like I’m still discovering new and exciting things!

OMG! Last night’s Bruce Springsteen concert at the Giant’s Stadium was awesome! It was only my 2nd concert (earlier this year, I went to see Fleetwood Mac at the Izod theater – that was my first concert!). However, after last night – the Bruce concert was my real first concert! I even got to go to my first tailgate party!

The BOSS definitely knows how to put together an amazing concert! He engaged his audience, performed non-stop for three hours and totally rocked the house!
I danced for three hours and enjoyed witnessing adults, teens and kids danced and sang with the BOSS!

Thankful, yes I was! Definitely a lovely way to end my week…

As William Wallace once said (in Brave Heart),
“Every man dies, but not every man really lives!”
So with that, I figured the thought-prompt for the week is:
“What will you do differently to ensure that you are living your life to the fullest?”
Have a great week everyone!

If you get a chance, please visit Tanya’s blog, The Grab Bag. It’s packed with freebies and cool recipes. (Tanya, thank you for sharing the Lovely Blog Award)

Also please say a prayer or two for the victims of the typhoon and

And try to go outside and take a walk – a zenwalk!

And lastly,

Keep smiling..


  1. I missed you too, buddy!! Your 8-yr is right!!

    You're a great mom!!

    ((hugs and prayers))

  2. So glad you're back! Nothing like the Boss to keep you moving! Sounds like a fun concert!

  3. I have missed you too! I'm glad you are back. Hugs and prayers for your family.

  4. Hi Jen! I always enjoy reading your posts! They are always so full of substance!

    I'm glad that you had fun at the Springsteen concert. He's a great musician.

  5. @Veronica - miss you, too! Getting love-notes from my kids are just priceless, don't you think?

    @ChocolateCoveredDreams - the Boss rocked the house! It was an awesome experience!
    @Pam, thanks for the prayers!

    @Eli - well, thank you! Bruce Springsteen truly knows how to put together an awesome performance. He's not just a great musician, he's also a great performer! An experience I'll never forget! Thanks for visiting!

  6. Those are pretty big concerts to go to as your first! How wonderful! :-) I'm glad to see you're back as well - you have been missed!

  7. That's great that you had fun with Bruce Springsteen! We miss your posts but that's okay, there is a time for everything. Hope all is well. God bless you and your family.

  8. @Jennifer - looking forward to my next concert :)

    @rcubes - G-d bless you and your family, too! Thank you...


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