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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

There comes a time when you are just dilly-dallying in the web and then voila – something amazing catches your attention and pushes you to be off your schedule.

Days are never a straight line. The to-do list and the schedule for the day do not mean you can’t skip or pause to do something worthwhile – for a better cause.

It could be a concert, a Wii-Fit game with you 8yo, an impromptu brunch with you 18yo, a walk in the park with your dh, putting together donations for the victims of the typhoon in the Philippines or taking a pledge!

Yes, today as I launched Internet Explorer, there’s a post in theMotherhood.com that caught my eye!

I can’t say I’m perfect – far from it! I’m sometimes guilty of doing things I’m not supposed to be doing – and this Mom Sends the Msg campaign is a great reminder.

We sometimes say,
"What could possibly go wrong?"
"Just a few seconds..."
"It won't happen to me..."
But, sad to say - sometimes accidents can happen when you're not paying attention...

It’s about time (it’s actually overdue) that we set good examples for our children when it comes to driving. I have 2 young adult children, and plenty of nieces and nephews who drive. Texting and phoning while driving should not be allowed – should not even cross their (our) minds to pick up that phone (or worst – text message someone while driving! ) .

There's a time and place for everything , multi-tasking is good but absolutely NOT when you are driving. We tell our kids that when you drive, you are not only responsible for your life but also for other people's lives - so stay alert, eyes on the road, keep your mind on the wheel!


Mom Sends the Msg is that public service campaign initiated by the wonderful founders of theMotherhood . This campaign is aimed at reducing distracted driving, for a safer road for our families and communities.

So do take the “Keep Your Mind on the Wheel” pledge, be responsible - make a difference!

To pledge click on - http://www.momsmsg.com/my-blog/2009/10/take-the-keep-your-mind-on-the-wheel-pledge.html#comments .

Bloggers, FB friends, tweeter friends, families and friends – let us spread this campaign and MEAN it!

Have a great week and Keep smiling =)

BTW, dads are welcome to take the pledge, too!

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  1. Jenjen, you are the BEST!!!!!!!!!! You are the VERY FIRST blogger to sign the pledge. You are such a leader and a rock star!!!!!!!! Thank you for signing and for getting the word out on Day One of the pledge campaign!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you Jenjen. You are WONDERFUL.

  3. Great cause, Jenjen!! I've missed connecting with you lately! Hope you are doing well... I always enjoy your posts. They always inspire me and make me feel relaxed and peaceful. ;0)

  4. Thanks for sharing this. I pledged.

    It amazes me how people can drive with one hand on the wheel while holding a phone and chatting with the other. Although safer, I don't even like those hands-free ear pieces because the driver's mind is not completely focused with the task at hand --driving!

  5. That is wonderful. It always amazes me when I am going 70 on the interstate and someone passes me while he is texting. Ugh!

  6. @Emily & @Cooper - thanks for campaigning for this. Sometimes we just need to be reminded!

    @Melinda - knowing that my posts inspire you in any way is just lovely! Thank you :)

    @Buckeroomama - thanks for sharing..it really is mind boggling how people sometimes forget to stay focused when driving..

    @Pam - texting and driving insanely - that's double trouble!

    Thank you all!


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