Wake-up, life does not begin at 40!

Monday, May 13, 2013

I'm almost 49 and it seems like every decade, there's a new slogan inspiring me that my life begins at this so and so decade. I've been looking forward to be 50, because for some absurd reasoning that I concocted in my silly brain, that I need a milestone to motivate myself to start celebrating life.

Talking to my husband about it, I asked, "Why do they say life begins at 40, and that 50 is the new 30?" Are we all coming up with excuses to start life all over again? Why do we need a big event to motivate ourselves to be what we can be -- or better yet, to be what we're supposed to be?

My husband is a sensitive guy but he's very rational and logical. I guess men are wired that way? I'm not saying that women are less rational or logical, but women in general are more prone to balancing the mind, heart and soul.

I have a feeling I just irked a few people from both sexes -- but oh well, that's how I feel.

The past few months I thought there was something wrong with my brain.  I couldn't remember a lot of things. I failed the Memory Test, and I noticed that my thought process had deteriorated. After a few lab work, multiple visits with my primary care doctor and MRIs -- it was concluded that there's nothing to worry about. 
We shouldn't need a new decade to remind us about life.  We don't need to wait for New Year's to come up with resolutions or goals to achieve.  Life begins the moment you wake up.

The first few seconds when you open your eyes, when your mind realizes you're no longer dreaming, your body stretches to alert your nerves - and if you're lucky, the love of your life gives you a short kiss to remind you "it's time for the morning routine."

Regardless of age, life can be good, it can be awful - but what matters is our attitude.

My kids noticed that I've been struggling to write, and for Mother's Day, they wrote thoughtful cards and gave me my new motivation to write every day - no matter what!

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  1. I think it's when we reach middle age that we discover there's reason to celebrate every single day. No need for special days.


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