My Week In Exercise #HealthyAndStronger

Sunday, March 04, 2018

My Week In Exercise #HappyandStrongerEveryDay@53

Last year, I spent 6 months being sick that I told myself, "never again will I waste a beautiful day."

However, the flu had taken over my household for 4 weeks and last week was the first week that I felt sort of “back to normal.” These past 7 days reminded me (again) that everything takes time.

I'll be sharing my daily exercises to hold myself accountable. If you want to join me in this journey, feel free to give me a nudge on instagram.

I had an early phone conference. I woke up with no major headache or pains so I was determined to get my body moving. It took a while to get set-up and to determine what exercise to do, so I did  what worked for me in the past: Tony Horton’s 30 minute P90x3 Classic: Day1: Total Synergistics - a full body resistance workout which includes variations of push-ups, plank exercises,  side-arm balance, crescent chair, weighted squats, core exercises and pull-ups (which I skipped).

Yesterday’s workout got me motivated and surprisingly I wasn’t sore so I had no excuse. Day 2 on the P90x3 schedule was Agility, a full-body 30-minute workout that’s a mixture of aerobic exercises focusing on balance, strength, power, flexibility and precision. I’m currently studying sports medicine and after a decade (on and off) of doing P90, it was just recently that I recognized and paid attention to the terminology used throughout the routines. 

It was raining but that didn’t stop Honey and I to bundle up and walk 3 miles to town and back.

I went to bed early but I couldn’t sleep. I was up all night worrying about something. I must have prayed the rosary four times. I woke up really sore all over especially my legs and back. Honey and I went to Costco and then I took a nap before I made dinner to celebrate my two son’s birthday. The only exercise I did today was walking around Costco and loading and unpacking the groceries.

I was surprised I woke up achy. I guess when you’re almost 54, and working out had not been consistent, your body would ache - a lot. I just wanted to curl under the blanket but Honey made sure we did our daily 2 mile walk to Starbucks, which I was glad we did.


I woke up not sore and with a renewed sense of purpose and energy. I was feeling down, lost. It’s revealing how depression can attack at times when everything seems to be picture perfect. Last week was a tough week and being idle and sick for so long made my mind wander at places it shouldn’t be.
So when I woke up and everywhere I turned I “heard” God  saying “Jen, I am not done with you yet” - that’s all I needed to snap out of feeling BLAH.

I needed my dose of  Vitamin D aka sunshine and my neurotransmitters aka endorphins. Today was a big work-out day: I tried SELF magazine’s 10 minute cardio that included single-leg reach, jump lunges, single leg walk out to push-up, single plank rotation with kick and animal flow with side-kick through. Later that day, Honey and I ran for 4 miles, and walked back home for another mile. When I got home I did the 5 stretching routine after a cardio workout for better flexibility (Thanks again - and that felt awesome!

Yesterday’s workout got me all excited about today that I started writing again, hence, this blog post.
Today’s workout schedule was “The Challenge” which consisted of push-ups and pull-ups variations. I was only able to do 20 minutes of assisted pull-ups (up to 6 reps only) and my push-ups weren’t in good form, I had my knees bent and my back was arching. My lats and hamstring were still sore.

Around lunch time, Honey and I did our daily walk to Starbucks - 2 miles, 42 minutes.


It was a cold and rainy day. I started the day replying to my work emails on my pajamas. What was supposed to be 5 minutes ended up to be 4 hours. My body was still achy and the Bomb Cyclone made it impossible to do my daily walk to Starbucks. I replaced the scheduled 30-minute MMX (Mixed Martial Arts) routine with a Dynamix stretch-and-lift workout to bring focus to my connective tissues, muscles and joints, to help with my balance, flexibility and range of motion. (I needed to write these down to memory, the only way for me to remember).

Indoors: 2hrs 30mins
Classes: zero
Outdoors: 3hrs 15mins
TOTAL: 5hrs 45mins

Be happy.  


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  1. Each week, I walk three miles (one-way journey, i.e. six miles in total) just to eat out and get shopping done. It's healthy, faster than taking and waiting for public transport, and nice to do so. It's become a weekly trend for me.

    I live in a sub-urban area in my city so, when I go walking, I hardly ever see a transport vehicle pass me by, on my way, to my destination. It's a quiet, peaceful walk in a serene, tree-populated setting that I silently enjoy.

    The motivation I keep with me when I walk is to save money - when I visit the place I need to go to, I save a few dollars in doing so - even if it means walking 6 miles to go there and get back!

    I seldom feel tired and seem to have become accustomed to what: being fit, feels like.

    It is a good feeling to feel that way and I would like to feel better everyday!


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