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Thursday, July 28, 2011

This was me at 40. (Thanks to P90)

I’m at a stage in my life where my muffin tops don’t bother me that much, but what bothers me is that my arms, thighs and legs are being attacked by fat cells ~ cellulite. It’s pretty bad depending on how the sun hits my skin. And the mirrors at home are unforgiving, too…and they all decided to congregate in my body without advance warning.

It sounds so vain, but my family also has a history of heart problems. Heart attacks and surgeries at a young age (40 something). It could be the yummy fried Filipino foods or just genetics.

I’m a writer (well, hoping to get my first book published this year and love to talk to my family and friends in the Philippines through FaceBook and Yahoo Instant Messenger) which means I’m on the computer a lot --- so gaining weight is an occupational hazard!

Recently, it seems like I don’t have enough energy, clothes don’t fit, and my body’s not as toned as it used to be. Granted I started with size 0, but still -- 15 pounds in a year is a lot!

I love to walk, run and dance! I tried my first Zumba class a few weeks ago – and it made me want to be a Zumba instructor when I grow up! 

I know that P90x DVDs work – but I can’t seem to find an hour in a day to stay focused.

We just recently joined the gym, but I can’t seem to find the right routine to get me into the gym. I feel lost when I’m in the gym!

I think it’s all about hormones – and my love for apple pie and vanilla ice cream!

I won’t and can’t give up the carbs – because I want to remain happy. (You won't like me when I'm grumpy)
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So this morning when Run Like A Nanay, asked me to join her : August Challenge: Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred.  I logged into (which I love – their customer service is the best!) , read some pretty interesting reviews and got my DVD for $7 and shipped for free in 2 days (thanks to my 2 college kids, I get Free 2-day shipping).

It says every work-out is under 30 minutes, but be prepared to get your bum-bum kicked!

So I guess you guys will be hearing more about my progress (or lack of it) .

Come join us. The more the merrier!

I'll be posting my updates HERE:


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  1. It's August 1st and I did it! It's the fastest and most productive 30 minutes of my day!

  2. Thanks, Chelo.
    Did Level 2 for Day2 and it was the best spent 20 minutes.
    I'll be logging the updates here -
    Make every second count!

  3. This is a really good workout. It's geared a little more to advanced exercisers, but the choreography is fairly basic and you will definately feel this the next day.
    There are three workouts that combine toning and aerobics together which are about a half an hour each. This way, you're burning fat and toning muscles at the same time. It's a little challenging, but fun and effective.

  4. Ελλάδα thanks for the visit! It was fun and effective. I completed the 60 day challenge but didn't get the results that I needed -- because I didn't change my diet. My weakness: pies and ice cream at night.

    I'm on to a new exercise routine and hopefully it'll show results. It's tougher than Jillian Michaels but I'll see if I can get through the entire 60 days.


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