August Challenge: JM 30 Day Shred Week 1

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Committing to completing a goal is not just a physical challenge but also a mental one. But once you’re serious about your target, your mind adjusts and you’re in the zone!

I couldn’t encourage myself to stick to a workout routine so when RunLikeANanay invited me to join the August Challenge:30 Day Shred, I was excited. Something new is always fun!

Day 1:
I ended up putting off the exercise until noon, but I did it!
I started with Level 3 right away.  The great part about the work-out was that the 30 minutes went by so fast – and I was sweating! Definitely reminded me of P90x plyometric exercises, with a bit of sculpt and abs routine in between.

I had a sensible breakfast (non-fat yogurt with blueberries), salad for lunch and stewed vegetables with marinara sauce for dinner – but couldn’t resist a little bowl of pound cake and vanilla ice cream. I also ran for 30 minutes with my hubby so I guess I deserved a little treat.

Day 2: Make every second count

So today, I woke up with the mindset of doing Level 2 first thing in the morning. But I was tempted to check my email first – so I was delayed for 15 minutes.  

I logged my measurements in memory. I wanted to try Level 2 to see what it offers. It was only 20 minutes but it was as intense as Level 3. Level 2 had a lot of lunges work out with double-hit exercise routines (simultaneous cardio and strength). 10 minutes into the work-out and I was sweating. Just like with Level 3, all you need is a mat and light-weight dumbbells. (5 lb dumbbells seemed too much when you're squatting and jumping at the same time!) They key is to push yourself! Don't give up. Don't stop.

I just had a sensible breakfast – low fat yogurt with blueberries and honey and oats cereal. I originally planned on having salad for lunch but I took my 10yo and his friend to lunch and we had pancakes and french fries. Raisins and peanuts for lunch and dinner was baked chicken marinated with BBQ sauce, grilled eggplant and artichoke and bow tie pasta sauteed with olive oil, sun dried tomatoes, and bell peppers. 

(Heard over the radio earlier today that all you need is 20 minutes of cardio exercises a day and your heart will be healthier -- less risk for heart attack!)

The bad winter we had early this year encouraged us to walk every morning no matter how hot it gets outside. But I was so sore from the work-out, so no walk at all today.

I enjoy reading Zen Habits, and today's reading material was the Four Simple Fitness Fundamentals. Being fit and happy is really that simple. Go check it out, it's worth reading!

See you tomorrow!

Day 3: The last push makes the difference

Email always comes first, but that’s fine as long as I know when to stop and when to start getting into a fitness routine. 

I switched back to Level 3, which surprisingly seemed easier than Level 2. Sore, yes I am!

Push-ups, my weakness!
My only issue with the DVD? The initial sales pitch plays every single time you turn the DVD on. There's no way out of it. It won't let you go to the top menu. ( I guess I can dance around while it's on?)

Day 4: You tell your mind what you want to do with your body!
3-2-1 : 3 minutes strength, 2 minutes cardio and 1 minute abs!
I did Level 2, and my body is still aching! Squats and biceps routine are tough! Looks easy but the routine just touches every muscle!

Day 5: Make 20 minutes count!

Hectic morning but I was determined to do a 20 minute work-out. Before I knew it, I was done. I just needed to remind myself what made me buy the DVD in the first place.

Day 6: The bet served as a motivation
Waking up early on a Saturday was never a big thing in my house. All the kids were away, and I was still stuffed from last night’s dinner – chicken teriyaki with white rice at Mizu Sushi in Cranford.

I was planning on getting the Level 3 work-out of the way first thing but of course – I procrastinated. Hubby and I walked to town, and the next town, and the next town. And then we ran back home. It was about 10 miles. The memorable part of the adventure is that we got “slightly” hit by a car at a stop sign. Luckily, we weren’t hurt, just shaken! Thank God for our guardian angels!

Needless to say, when we got home, we were exhausted. I bet my husband that I would still do the Level 3 work-out. Good thing I did, because after I napped and chatted with my nephew and his friend, I did Level 3.

To my guardian angels, thank you!

Day 7: Rest Day

Sundays are always hectic, especially this Sunday. We were on the road for 6 hours. Therefore, did not get to work out at all!

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