Dream big and keep smiling!

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Not perfect at all…just living my life, and when it comes to marriage, I just happened to find someone …

My little guy recently told me, “Mom, do you know that every day is a day closer to our death?”

Well, my child, logically that’s right. I guess that’s another way of looking at life. And as William Wallace in Brave Heart said, “Every man dies, not every man really lives.”

And my life is spent with people I truly care about.

So here are a few rules that my husband and I have:

1)      Agree that all disputes can be resolved.
2)      Resolve all disputes before going to bed no matter how long it takes;
3)      No running away or storming out or sleeping on the couch;
4)      No personal attacks during a fight i.e. “you don’t care about me!”, “you’re stupid!”, “you can never understand”, etc…
BUT criticisms about specific actions or behavior are okay.
5)      Always agree on issues relating to children before discussing them with the children;

 Dream Big and keep smiling!

Last month, instead of finishing a project, I woke up and had a new project in mind. 
So here it is - 

i Zenwalk because...

Two years ago, I started going on for a walk -- and it had made me stay in-zen!

So a few weeks ago, I put together a website - www.iZenWalk.com and an FB page - i ZenWalk because .
I hope you can take part by submitting or posting your own iZenWalk photographs and words of the day!

i ZenWalk because...by sharing LOVE & JOY, you'll get more of it in return!
Hold on to your dreams – make the world a better place.

Walk, capture the moment & share it to the world!
To be happy & to be fit is to be in "zen".

Post your iZenWalk photos, collage or words of the day via:
- The FB page
- Submit page at www.iZenWalk.com

- Twitter :@izenwalk
- Email: izenwalk@gmail.com

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  1. nice article! You and hubby- such a beautiful couple!


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