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Friday, June 05, 2009

Is there something that you felt you can’t accomplish because it’s just such enormous undertaking?
Is there something that you imagined so colorful but so unattainable?
Is there something you wanted so badly that you’re too anxious to make the first step because you’re scared of being rejected?

Well, in anything that we create, it all starts with a dream, an imagination.

I’m sure you remember the 2008 Presidential campaign’s energizing motto, “Yes, we can!”
I keep chanting, “Yes, we can! Yes, we can! Yes, we can!” – so can we?

Let’s see…

Did you know that a NASA scientist, Lonnie G. Johnson, invented the super soaker?
I can imagine him one sunny afternoon playing with the garden water hose and the kids, and then an idea came to his mind, “Wait a second, I think I can make something more portable than this!”

What about that inventor from the movie, “A Flash of Genius”. All he needed was one very rainy day, desire and imagination to create the intermittent windshield wiper. It wasn’t a smooth ride, but he did it and he fought for it!

Every undertaking starts with an idea. Now to make that idea into a success, one has to work diligently on it to see its completion. It’ll be a superbly lucky day if we don’t encounter any bumps, but hey, who says it’ll be easy?
You have to have the passion, the drive, the determination to see it through.

So..."Why, oh why can't I?

I have this big dream and I can’t wait for it to happen. I have insecurities on how to go about it. I worry about the entire “what-ifs” scenario, but that just magnifies the rejection. So I have to focus on the positive and realize that someday, my dreams will come true.

As my wise 8yo once told me on one of our walk to school,
“Mom, dreams do come true – and not only in Disney!”

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  1. Very wise words from a wise little boy! :)

  2. How exciting! Will you be able to share what your dream is?

    And I love your 8 yr olds way of thinking!!

  3. What a very wise 8 year old. And how very proud you must be of him.

  4. I can so relate. I have a a big dream I just don't know when its going to take flight. Your sounds like a wise boy.

  5. Your eight yr old is wise!
    I enjoy your encouraging posts.

  6. Hi Jen!
    What a great post. I am getting ready to work on a book proposal this summer and so this hit me right where I live! It seems like such a big undertaking and there are no guarantees, but who knows? With God, anything is possible. I just have to quit procrastinating and get busy! ;0)

  7. Ugh, I've been working on a project too and sometimes the end result feels so unattainable. You bring up a good point though! It just takes patience and determination.

    Your son is very wise! I get the feeling he's going to be someone famous someday!

  8. Sounds like there definitely stuff happening over the rainbow...Follow your dreams, ladies and have a great weekend!
    Thank you - and yes, love that 8yo of mine!

  9. This is very real for human beings. Why is it that we human beings are so full of insecurities. For example, I am doing my PhD. If I thought about it I would've never do it. This was a tough decision, my DH had to leave his job to seek one here. My son was 1.5 yo and didn't know the language. Plus PhD itself is uphill. But I close my eyes and said yes and it was the best yes ever, since my wedding! lol

    Just close your eyes and keep dreaming... never let it stop! JUST DO IT! :)

  10. Yes, "the insecurities on how to
    go about it" and the "what if's"

    I know that feeling, Jen. And
    it's time we stop worrying about
    the what if's and just do it

    As far as not knowing how to go
    about it, ask what you want to
    know in the Search Engine and
    see if some helpful links come

    You can also try Keep
    searching the internet until you
    finally come up with the right
    strategy. Sometimes I combine
    strategies from different sites.

    I am excited for you. Go ahead and
    get started. You've hesitated long

    Your son is so funny. And he is
    very bright.☺


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