Saying NO to Yoga Pants?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

There are two reasons why I shouldn't wear worn-out work-out clothes the entire day.

In the winter time, I love to wear my yoga pants or work-out clothes because they're comfortable. It didn't matter if I got to work out that morning.

However, I noticed that I don't realize how much weight I gain around the waist until around Spring time when I try to fit into my jeans.

Marriage (as posted on March 2012: Marriage is a contract)

A marriage proposal is indeed an intention to live as one, and once you say your "I do's", you promise to love and honor all the days of your lives - and as my husband says, to continue to physically take care of yourself -- just like when you started dating. 

And that includes "looking good" all the time!

Every morning, I would get up with an intention to work-out. Hence, the first outfit worn consisted of my favorite faded pink Old Navy sweat shirt and sweat pants.

But like most stay at home mothers, I would lose track of time. Most of the time, I'd get pulled into doing other things except for working out. So by the time I picked up my husband at the train station, I would still be in my work out clothes, hair tied back in a very tight pony tail and tired-looking (not a hint of powder, lipstick or mascara).

Until a few years ago...

My husband had been working long hours -- going in early and coming home late. So for the past few week nights, he would "out of the blue" suggest that we stop-by our favorite wine and dine place while our littlest guy was still in gymnastics.  We had 90 minutes -- just the two of us!

 I didn't realize I would be sitting in a restaurant having wine and cheese. He would laugh that I was still in my work-out clothes, but I didn't mind because I didn't think it was that important. Although I looked like the hired help!

The few spontaneous "dinner dates" helped my husband and I talked about our week. He reminded me that ignoring the way I present myself physically was a breach of our marriage contract!

"I didn't know we were going out -- again." I replied.

"But you knew I was coming home." he answered.

So since then, I made sure I changed out of my work-out clothes (even though at 6pm, I still haven't worked-out), put on jeans, a top and a sweater -- or a dress! ( Or you can compliment your yoga pants with beautiful shirts and sweat shirt)
Every now and then, I read our ketuvah, which hangs on the wall in the den.
“This is my beloved; this is my friend. And each said to the other: I promise to share with you in times of joy as in times of trouble. To talk and to listen, to honor and to appreciate you, to provide for and support you in trust and in love. I take you to be mine according to the law. I promise to share my hopes and thoughts and dreams with you. I will work with you to build our lives together. May we grow, our lives forever intertwined, our love bringing us closer. Let us create a home for us and our children based on love, and on honesty. May it be a home filled with peace, with happiness, and with love.”

How do you keep your marriage as strong as it was the first time you said ,"I do's" ?

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