PAYING IT FORWARD: Feed and send rural kids to school through ARK - Advancement for Rural Kids

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

"Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies."  ~ Mother Teresa

There is always something to be thankful for. 

Count your blessings. Share. Give Back.

Volunteer work is truly win-win.  It is done without the expectation of getting anything in return. A good deed brings joy to both the receiver and to the giver.

We do these things out of love, to make a difference, which is a reward unto itself.

One thing I do is volunteer for the Scholarship Program for Advancement for Rural Kids (ARK).

ARK is a registered non-profit tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization. Its mission is to focus on improving education and health of school age children (pre-K, elementary and high school)   living in impoverished rural communities in developing countries. 

In short, ARK fuels kids and their dreams.

ARK offers different ways for you and your friends to make an impact:

The scholars, parents and the community partner with ARK. The $50 a year High School Scholarship program gives students, with a strong desire to learn, a chance to go to high school.  With this education, the scholars can realize their dream  of becoming a successful, and integral, part of the community, and the country. Their success will enable them to pay-it-forward, by helping others realize their dreams for a better life. 

Everyone invests. Everyone commits. ( Click HERE to know more about the programs)

The scholarship includes tuition, school supplies, uniform and tutoring. In return, the parents and scholars volunteer their time to give back to the community.

In volunteering with ARK, I found out that there are things we take for granted: things that are easily accessible to us, are a luxury for others.

One example is how children go to school. I am fortunate, because I live a block away from a K-8 Grade School, and our High School is  1-1/2 miles away from my home. The roads, and walking paths, are paved and well-maintained.

In contrast to my children's route to school, is the distance traveled by children in the rural areas of the Philippines.  

Most of the rural kids walk about 1-1/2 miles through the woods, and then have to cross a river, to get to school. 

When school is over, the scholars reverse their journey home. Once they arrive home they have chores to do, and homework to complete. 

Doing homework is a difficult task because, in many instances, there is no electricity in their dwelling. As difficult as it is to complete their homework, they don't complain; they persevere. They realize that they are fortunate to be given the opportunity to be educated, and move beyond their current circumstance. 

As of today, ARK supports 3 high schools in Capiz, Philippines. This past June, 11 ARK High School graduates were able to enroll in college.

Watch Rhea May, an ARK Scholar, and listen to how you can make a difference.

ARK Scholar Rhea Mae - July 2015 from ARK Scholars on Vimeo.

To make an impact, invest and donate to ARK. 

Click on the Invest/Donate Icon on the website.

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