Making TIME for a Happy Simple Life Now on Amazon!

Friday, November 06, 2015

This innovative 90 day journal guides you through 4 simple and empowering calls to action that will lead to a happy, simple life. As the days go by, the journal enables you to easily review the goals you set and the progress that you achieved.

The calls to action are captured in the simple acronym “TIME”:

Be Thankful
     Imagine something empowering. 
     Make someone happy.
     Enhance your life with something new.

The journal includes content to make you smile and challenge your imagination, all to remind you that every day is a milestone, a celebration, a miracle.

The journal includes the artwork of the following talented photographers and artists:
Michael-Rex Carbonell of
Ramon Dompor of
Natasha Reilly of
Catherine Andre (
Karen Gilmour of Alluem Yoga

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