Serenity now...Insanity later...

Friday, May 21, 2010

“Serenity now…Insanity later…”

At this moment, I’m sitting on my deck, under the umbrella – the sun is shining, butterflies spreading their wings, no wasps in sight, no lawn mower guys mowing the lawn, the occasional faint sound of an airplane passing by, the clouds are floating around the sky, the ducks are quacking, the birds are singing – a peaceful afternoon!

Yes…Peace. Calm. Quiet. Serene.

I would love to have a week when there’s nothing to cry about. I don’t mind having a boring, routine life if it means everything’s calm and peaceful. But the lines in the palm of my hand do not reflect such life. Hence, I have to embrace the fact that maybe life – my life, is just chaotic! So therefore, I have to find ways to spice up my day no matter what.

Every day, I have a choice, and with that choice, I have to react in a way that will result in calm, peaceful, quiet and serene day.

Do you remember that Seinfeld episode when Kramer was trying to open a bag of chips, unsuccessful he might have been, he didn’t freak out but instead he did his Kramer gesture and said, “Serenity Now.” Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Kramer in your life that can make you laugh when you feel like pulling your hair?

There are things, no matter what, still stay the same.

Look at my Kenmore washer-dryer. I’ve overloaded them, put all kinds of dirty laundry, ran them straight for hours and hours and yet – they are still sitting in my laundry room looking like new! We’ve had it since we moved in our home, It’s been 15 years, and it’s still working! I would love to replace them but the very reliable PSEG Worry-Free insurance keeps fixing them when they have a little hiccup here and there! Maybe one day, I’ll just go “postal” and beat them with a bat, or better yet, set them on fire (just kidding!) Maybe then, I can get to Sears and get the new, “cool-looking”, energy saving washer-dryer! With our limited budget, I must hold on to these hard working helpers for a while.

Summer is around the corner – and it is time to spice things up!

Buds are blooming…

My Mom’s peonies are thriving…

Colors adorn the lawn…

Summer sale is on! (Tomorrow, Old Navy has $1 flip flop sale!)

And finally, I'm looking forward to checking-out the new Beach Body work-out DVD, "Turbo Fire"

"Warm summer sun, shine kindly here. Warm southern wind, blow softly here. Green sod above, lie light, lie light. Good night, dear Heart, Good night, good night.” – Mark Twain

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  1. I wish all it took was a simple Serenity Now and all of life's chaos would go away!!!

    Oh well, I guess that's why we've learned to enjoy the calm moments when they happen...because they don't happen often!!!

  2. @Helene, we have to grab whatever peace we can get. And you're right, just pausing and saying "Serenity Now" may only last as long as you say "now", so do cherish those few precious and calm moments.

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  4. @Kids Learn, thank you for stopping by. I'll go hop and check your site.


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