A Mom is an inspiration, A Dad is a solution

Monday, June 07, 2010

"A Mom is an inspiration, a Dad is a solution." - Joshee, 9yo, 2010

My 9yo had a tough weekend with his asthma and high fever. In one of his panic mode at around 2am, he woke us up and wanted us to call 911. His peak flow was within the “treatable” level and after one nebulizer treatment it was back up to normal. I was leaning towards calling 911 to calm him (and myself) down but my husband, his Dad, calmly guided him how to breathe and made him realize that there was nothing to be concerned about.

As soon as he calmed down, I told my 9yo,
     "See, you don’t need me. Daddy always figures it out.”

My 9yo son then replied,
     “Mom, of course I need you. A Mom is the inspiration, a Dad is the solution.”

My husband chuckled and commented,
   “Is it like saying, mothers follow their hearts and fathers follow their brain?”
And then he laughed harder and added,
  “You might get in trouble with that line of thinking because some might think that what you’re saying is that 
   “Mothers are brainless and Fathers are heartless!”.

Needless to say, we were all giggling.

So what role do you play?

Remember my little fruit and vegetable garden?

This weekend, I had my first strawberry, and it was sweet!

Can you see the purple and green pepper?

Do you know that just 5 minutes of "green exercise"
such as walking outdoors or gardening is good for your mind and self esteem?

So live, love, laugh and be inspired!

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  1. A mom is an inspiration, A dad is a solution, and this child is PRICELESS!!

  2. I love those little Joshisms. :)

    ...and woo hoo on your little patch of green!

  3. Wow! I love what your son said! So intuitive!!!

  4. I totally love what your son said,Jenjen. Such great insight from a 9 year-old.


  5. What a great story, Jen! Just think, you could make that a card that could be used for both mother's day AND father's day! Tee hee.

  6. Your son is so smart. I love reading his comments. Hope he feels much better.


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