I just text’d to say “I love you”

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The house was quiet…once again.

Kids were in school and hubby was at work.
Out of the blue…I had the urge to just let my husband know that I love him…

So I sent him a text…”I love you”
And then I sent the same text to my three crumbcatchers…
Somehow today, I just want to quietly utter those three powerful words – via Verizon wireless!

My favorite author, Kahlil Gibran wrote,
        “Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.”

I guess today, my tree is just blooming with flowers!

I wonder why today – of all the days?

I’m kind of feeling “blah” today. It’s probably because I am nearing the completion of a year-long project. I’ve been writing a book about my family’s struggles – tragedies that make “Angela’s Ashes” a nice walk in Central Park. I’ve re-read and re-organized the beginning of my book – probably 10 times! Stopped, asked a few friends to read the first chapter to get their feedback, put it aside, and now that I’m ready to submit it to publishing (or editing), I am having second thoughts!

GottaLoveMom has been my stage for almost two years now, and now I think I’m ready for a bigger venue. (But I’m kind of getting queasy that I started procrastinating again….)

But I made a promise…

Life has not been easy for my parents, my five brothers and I, but one thing that keeps us going is LOVE. My parents showed us how to count our blessings. The love we have for one another is one thing that helped us go through the tragedies we had to face. And when I say “tragedy”, I mean total misfortune!

We are not the “Leave it to Beaver” kind of family – not even close. We’re not the Brady Bunch either (maybe just the musical part). We have had disagreements, and yet even now that our eldest is turning 50 in a couple of days, we still enjoy making fun of one another, chat, listen and vent.

So when a new acquaintance-editor asked me,
    “Why did you write the book?
      What’s the purpose?
      Who’s your audience?
      Why would someone want to read your memoirs?”

My first reaction was “I don’t know why would anyone want to read someone’s tragic life?”

But then again, the tragedies are part of who we are. Maybe we are here on earth for a reason – a purpose. Just like that “Quantum Leap” television series, maybe we end up in a situation because our mere existence is part of “putting right what once went wrong”. Maybe we truly are super heroes in our own little way.

And hopefully the next generation – my children, nieces and nephews will realize how blessed they truly are.

    Because after you’ve shed every tear drop, a smile will eventually resurface.
   Because after the sun sets, the moon and stars brighten the dark skies;
   Because after dark night, the sun shines the next day...to start a new day of adventures.

Have a great week everyone and thank you for listening :)

A blogger-friend, "Off the Beaten Trek", just reminded me that Veteran's Day is coming up...I just want to say "thank you" to all those who risk their lives so that I can enjoy this peaceful day...

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  1. Good luck on your book. I'm sure it's awesome just like the stuff you post about. I'm so excited for you Jenjen!!

    Have a nice day!

  2. Great blog. I'm following you now!

  3. I'm sure seeing your text message brought a smile to their faces. :)

    So excited for you on your book!

  4. I think its important to say I love you when its unexpected. It means more!


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