Still shaky, skidded in snow, but so blessed my guardian angels are looking after me!

Friday, January 07, 2011

"Never again wonder, what to be thankful for..."
  - Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life

It’s yet another snowy day in New Jersey. Beautiful, yes but dangerous!

In line with my goal for this month is to get back on schedule. I got up around 4am to get my 15yo ready for his Model United Nations conference. (Thankful that our neighbor offered to drive him to school by 5:30am)

I got my 9yo ready for school and I'm thankful that my other neighbor offered to drive him to school.

I then drove my husband to the train station to Manhattan.

I decided to stop by the Community Center and decided to run a fast 5K on the treadmill. I was 1 mile short because I was so sweaty and hot. (Note to self: dress lightly next time)

While cooling down inside the car, I read Day 14’s chapter of Rick Warren's the “Purpose Driven Life” book. I felt really good because it just reminded me that there is always something to be thankful for no matter how awful you think your life is right now. It’s okay to complain, no big deal, but in the bigger scheme of things – there is plenty to be happy and thankful for!

In another continent, today’s a big day for my brother, too! After 5 years, he finally got some pretty big amazing news! (A more exciting ending for my book!)

So…so far so good.

Got quite a few tasks completed.

Driving back home….

Powdery, soft snow flakes resting on the branches. – Gorgeous, right?

Driving slowly as I got closer to my street. (Our roads are still covered with mountains of snow on the side of the streets making it difficult to maneuver around).

Maybe I was driving faster? I don’t remember.
All of a sudden my car started dancing uncontrollably!

Luckily, there were no other cars but the SUV behind me.

It was swaying left and right – and I prayed that the SUV behind me will just try to get away as far away from me as possible.

The rear end of my car continues to fishtail back and forth, sideways. It felt like I was going to crash, or the car would roll over!

Good thing I remembered someone telling me (or reading about it) how to recover from a skid while driving in ice: (So, while continuously praying)

1) I took my foot off the accelerator. (Do not step on the brakes!)

2) I tried to slowly turn the steering wheel to the direction where the car is headed (in this case to the right towards the sidewalk)

3) When the car fishtailed towards the other direction, I tried to slowly steer it into that direction; (and yes, continued praying)

4) The car must have turned left and right multiple times before it finally slowed down. It felt like an eternity. But I was just so lucky that there were no other cars on the road, otherwise, today would have been a very awful day!

5) It is advisable to find a safe spot and stop, and compose yourself, calm down.

In my case, my legs were shaking uncontrollably, tears were covering my eyes, and luckily I was only a block away from my driveway.

I should have pressed the “SNOW” drive-mode button of the car. (Oh, how I miss my Ford Expedition! That's why I prefer walking...)

I finally calmed down…

- Called my husband to tell him that I love him.
- Spoke to my three brothers through Yahoo Instant Messaging, and I am so thankful that I’m able to have a conversation with them and see how things are – even with the 12 hour time difference and about 7,500 miles among us.
- Got a hold of my son’s friend, so I know that their school bus arrived safely.
- Gave my daughter a hug!
- Text’d my other son in California that I love him!

- and continued to pray...

Life is good.

Thank you G-d.

Thankful for my guardian angels.

 Be safe.

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  1. This post is TOO MUCH!!!! I too, am thankful for your safety this morning. AND your brother's good news.....YIPPEE!!!!!! xoxo

  2. Oh, Jen...I'm so glad that you were okay. I can imagine how scary and slow motion it all felt at the time. God is good all the time!

  3. Oooh,wow, that must have been so scary. So glad to hear that you recovered from the skid and everything is OK (apart from some adrenaline!)

  4. and talked to me....
    today is a very good day!
    Love you

  5. @Deborah, YIPEE, indeed!
    @Alicia, G-d is looking after us.
    @Annette, I was scared to drive back (still snowy here) but my husband is making sure I face my fear and I'm just driving extra careful!
    @mom - love you, too...I'm so glad I'm able to talk to you anytime!

    Have a great weekend, ladies.


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