Why is it so easy to gain weight, and so hard to lose a few pounds?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

It is so easy to gain weight!

This winter had been cold and long. My little guy had been my “work-out” partner. We would walk to school every morning – even when it’s freezing out. My neighbor and I used to run a few miles after dropping the kids off to school.

But the past few weeks, our routine got changed. Chorus and orchestra early morning rehearsals had forced me to drive him to school. Which meant, the almost 1 mile walk I had every morning had been replaced with zero mile.

And in 2 weeks, I noticed that I was gaining weight every single week.

So in 2 weeks I gained an additional 5 pounds, on top of the 7 pounds I’ve been trying to lose since last Thanksgiving.

I love to eat – and big portions.
I love bread – and lots of it.
I love dessert – my, my, my!

I’m almost 47 years old and my metabolism has changed.

I can still fit (barely) in my clothes. I used to wear size 0-2 clothing. But this week, I couldn’t fit into my size 4 clothes.

I know some of you think I shouldn’t be complaining but you’re wrong.
I am now 12 pounds heavier than last spring. (Not healthy at all!)

I still look petite but when the sweater season ends, it won’t be fun!
I can feel the extra pounds in my armpit, my belly (!!!!) and my thighs.

The extra weight had taken all my energy, too. The extra weight makes it tougher to exercise. I kept saying to myself, “I just don’t have the energy!”

That means it’s time to get serious and lose weight.

Last week I started writing down what I eat. It works during the week but come weekend, I lose control!
(My little guy's gymnastics meet don't help either - sitting for 5 hours and getting hungry don't mix well!)

Finishing a book also hindered my ability on staying fit. I sit by the computer and type, and type and type – which is not good, not good at all! Maybe I should have signed up for that half marathon instead!

I used to love to exercise, but with the insane winter we have, it’s pretty tough to go out for a run or even do the P90X DVD. (It gets pretty cold in the basement!)

My workout clothes don’t fit me either.

Which is a sign – it’s time to BRING IT once again!

Exercise should be a habit. It should be like brushing your teeth.
Every winter, I fall off the wagon.

So starting tomorrow morning, I am back on my exercise routine.

I can’t give up bread – not yet, but I can try to go on that stepper and burn some calories!

Do you want to do it together?

I'll be here.
(Photo source  : CoolClips )

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  1. Amen. Amen. I totally know what you're saying, Jen. So frustrating ...

  2. I fall off the wagon frequently too - all good intentions for a month or two then something interrupts my routine and its all GONE. Well, the good intentions are gone, not the weight!!

  3. Hey Jenjen!
    It has been about 5 months since you wrote this so I bet you're out pounding the pavements once again. I totally understand about falling off the wagon during winter times. The key is getting up and back on track again.
    I write at Run Like a Nanay I hope you can come by sometime and drop me a line. Perhaps you'd be interested to Guest Post! Just drop me a line when you can. Salaman :)
    Your Kabayan,

  4. Hi Chelo,
    Still not on schedule --- getting harder! but i really have to focus on it. thanks for the visit. hope to hear from you again.

  5. Hey Jenjen.
    I saw your comment about the lips :) have you seen this--> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjkCpI0J2cI&feature=player_embedded by Happy Slip. She has some really funny stuff...at least to a pinoy in America. My husband watched it at everything that was funny was completely lost in translation. ha! :)

  6. lol. I meant to write "salamat" in the comment above. I do speak fluent Tagalog. Promise. Complete with accent pa :)


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