played in the rain, i did!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

been in manila for almost 3 weeks...

siesta has been my favorite past time,
my summer tan from the jersey shore has faded,
my straight hair has turned curly,
and i've been eating plenty of rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

it's september so it's typhoon has been raining every day since i got here!

but there's something about the philippines -- it's a super stress-free living!

so i'm leaving in a few days,
and i always have a list of what i need to accomplish before i fly back "home".
and playing in the rain is one of them!

so here i am...

12 years old again!

splish-splashing on the rooftop,

not even the dark cloud can stop me,

from dancing in the rain!

it's not how we weather the storm, it's how we have fun dancing in the rain!

go try will help you "make the invisible visible!"

(my cousin Cat shared this wondeful quote!)

(note: my mom was laughing hysterically while she was taking these pictures!)

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