Holding on to what we believe and some Good Karma Treasures

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Faith is what helps me believe that anything is possible – I’m possible! It is the one thing that makes me look at chaos and say, “there’s a reason for all these insanities.” Faith is what helps me keep my dreams alive – reminds me that I have a purpose in life.

Sometimes the “unknown” scares us that we might fall. However, faith reminds us that there are two paths: It’s either we land with our feet on the ground, or that we will learn to spread our wings and fly!

I have struggled the past few months on what path to take to reach my dream. And that indecision has put a stop on whatever momentum I have in attaining my goal. Struggles that lead to paralysis – inaction.

But what’s interesting is that in my “inactive” mode, I bumped into a church that revived what was missing for a long time.

The past 2 months, I had been driving my son to Red Bank. It’s quite a drive from our home, so I decided to check out the town for 2 hours while my son immersed himself with “all that jazz”. 

On the second week, I bumped into this small but beautiful and inviting church. It reminded me of the church we had back home – in the Philippines.

I was blessed!

In this hectic life, I found a place where I can close my eyes and just listen...

Listening to what my inner self helped calm down any worries or uncertainties. It helped bring out positive energies that were being held by insecurities.

Sometimes – all we need is a little moment of serenity.

Positive Energy – what’s that?

Let me introduce you to someone who enjoys sharing positive vibes and reminds us to shine as bright as we can -- and more! My friend, Sonia.

Sonia's new business venture --  Bella Buddha Treasures – Good Karma Gifts, is made from the heart and soul!

Bella Buddha Treasures is the home of good karma inspired gifts such as handcrafted jewelry, yoga bags and gifts for the home. Sonia combines her knowledge of feng shui, metaphysics, yoga and all things positive energy.

Last night I text’d her and asked if I can get one of those high energy bracelets since I had been getting so exhausted lately.

So instead of just saying, “Sure. I’ll save one for you .”

She replied, “I would need to know where this lack of energy is coming from. You may not need something that GIVES you energy, but rather one that REMOVES the stagnant energy that is weighing you down.”

Right there --- I know I found a great gift!

To get yours, please contact Sonia at Bellabuddha3@gmail.com.

Remember: Dream BIG and Keep Smiling!

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  1. great blog you have here. i can't believe you have four kids - you are so beautiful. and such a lovely blog you have. i'm following.

    thanks for visiting my blog.


  2. Sometimes we just need a different way of looking / approaching things... and voila, therein lies the answer. :)

  3. @jasmine, thank you. come visit soon.
    @buckeroomama - totally agree!

  4. The church is beautiful, Jenjen. I find my perspective in serene places too. Another awesome post, my friend.

    Have a wonderful day!


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