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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

"A pleasant surprise is in store for you soon."  - that was the message that I got from last Saturday's fortune cookie.

And earlier today when I checked my email, Felicia Kramer of  Another Bright Idea and More Bright Ideas informed me that I won $40 credit towards her More Bright Idea's Etsy shop.

I have been a fan of Felicia's work for years now. Her artwork always spoke from the heart -- and her keen eyes capture the beauty of nature and life itself, thus, creating such intricate art pieces.

Felicia Kramer had helped me put together a cover design for my book, "Out of Status", which will be released on January 2012. She's someone who truly enjoys GIVING. She's an artist at heart -- so her gifts are made uniquely for you and me!

Isn't that what Christmas or Hanukkah is all about? GIVING? And it's not just about the material presents, it's the tradition of being with families and friends. As a small business owner, I'm not stopping you to buy a present or two, but remember that you can also add something memorable!

The Advent season is also the time to at least dedicate 6 minutes a day to God -- spend some quiet time with the Lord. If you belong to the Catholic Church, you probably got the Little Blue Book of Advent and Christmas Seasons. This little book provides the framework on how to experience one of the oldest traditions of prayer called lectio divina - sacred reading.  Just by reading a short passage from the Holy Bible, (quicker than reading friends' FB status updates)  allows us to let God speak to us.

Today's reading reminds me that life is like a desert -- sometimes beautiful and sometimes severe. It is sometimes gentle, quiet and peaceful...and sometimes difficult YET beautiful, especially if we surround ourselves with the love of our families and friends!

What say you?

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  1. Jen, I wish you could have seen and heard me when the random number generator picked your number as the winner. I was so excited! You are one of my best online friends and you have such a good heart. I'm happy to give to you this holiday.


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