Bali...More Than I Bargained For

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bali…more than I bargained for.

(Sonia Lopez at a Yoga Retreat in Bali)

by Sonia Lopez Simpson, CPC, ELI-MP (Mom, Wife & Certified Life Coach)

Truth be told, Bali was never on my bucket list.  But the Universe always has bigger plans.

I found a good deal for a Yoga retreat in Bali on Facebook (which I thought would be a great vacation) so instead of having a 40th birthday party, I asked my husband for this trip as my gift. 

There are no coincidences.

Originally, I was supposed to go in April with a different yogini and another tribe. But since it interfered with the last module of my Life Coaching Certification program, I chose to postpone it until November.

Stay open. The Universe conspires in your favor. It always does.

This simple change in date meant:
  • That I would now be going with a different yogini and another tribe. 
  • That by now, I met my beloved friend Bianca in our life Life Coaching program and I was able to invite her to come.
  • That my husband would be on vacation and I didn’t have to worry about childcare details J

All the stars aligned!

While all the stars aligned in my favor, I always found ways to sabotage, because “this is too good to be true” plus “mommy guilt”.  I was nervous and scared of leaving my family and of being so far away and of stepping outside of my comfort zone.  So I sabotaged.

When I caught myself doing this, I coached myself out of it by setting a 3 intentions based on what I wanted to get out of my trip:

      TO LISTEN - in order to be more connected and present.
      TO BE LOVED  - in order to hold the space for others to be their authentic selves, in return, allowing me to be my authentic self.
      TO STAY OPEN - in order to allow the Universe to work through me, rather than me trying to control the moment.
With intentions all things are possible.

Intentions, unlike goals are not oriented toward a future outcome,  they are oriented to focusing us on being present.  My intentions helped me get out of my head and into my heart.  This allowed me to be at ease and let the experience be what was meant to be -- for me.

My Bali adventure far exceeded any expectations!

Tears are feelings that can’t be put into words.

The day before our last amazing yoga retreat, I cried like a baby during yoga.  WHY?  Because I felt SO much joy in my heart, I thought my heart would explode!!


Because the sunrises in Bali are bright orange and feel like peace
Because the Balinese people are pure love and it shows in their smiles
Because the women in our Bali tribe are amazing, loving, fun and held the space for each other to be vulnerable which = FREEDOM
Because it felt like being with family ~ comfortable and safe
Because riding an elephant made me feel like a kid again
Because Bintangs don’t suck (and I’m not a fan of beer) J
Because Bali spring rolls are the BEST EVER!!!
Because the Balinese offerings (Canang sari) reminded me of one of my favorite values ~ GRATITUDE
Because seeing my friends transform right before my very eyes was AWE-inspiring!
Because there is something magical about the healing waters at Tirtha Empul
Because our yoga leader led us to a place of inner-awareness and personal growth that didn’t feel like work because she makes it fun!
Because I am debunking what “mom” looks like (you can be a mom and a woman ;)

There’s a reason Bali is the famed “Island of the Gods”.
Honestly, this testimonial doesn’t do justice to the feeling I will forever carry in my heart…MAGIC!

I look back and realize how blessed I am that it all worked out the way it did. 

At the end of our trip I asked my friends “what did you take away from this experience?”

My take away?


Thank you, Jenn.
Thank you, Bali Tribe.
Thank you, Bali.
Thank you, Universe.

PS: If you don’t have a “bucket list” create one!!  And may I suggest Bali? ;)

XO ~ Sonia


Sonia Lopez Simpson is organizing a Costa Rica retreat in 2013. Follow her on FaceBook at or visit her website at

"Motherhood is a gift, not just to yourself but to your family. Continue to create and live YOUR life to make YOUR dreams come true."

Watch the video below or click HERE to watch a few special moments at Sonia's Bali retreat. 

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