Fitness Friday. 500 Days to 50

Friday, March 15, 2013

A few weeks ago while sitting at the doctor's office, I realized that the Big Five-Oh that I have been waiting for was just 500 days away.

I had the same anticipation 10 years ago when I was approaching the awesome Four-Oh. Turning 40 was my introduction to exercise : sweat and sculpt.

I love to eat.
I am on my computer a lot -- plenty. It's part of my job.
I don't enjoy the cold weather.
I look forward to "down time" with my husband: watching back-to-back episodes of TV shows our friends recommend that we watch.

I walk outdoors at least once a week, not as much as I should have.
I go up and down the steps carrying the kids' laundry.
I scrub the floors the Filipino way - quite a workout!

I envy those who has a regular gym routine. But going to the gym was just not for me. I tried.

So before I know it, it's that time of year -- once again. It's spring. Its time to focus on getting fit before summer begins.  It's 70 days before Memorial Day weekend!

The anticipation of summer activities seems to motivate almost anyone to start a fitness regimen: healthy eating and exercise. Staying fit should become second nature, like brushing your teeth every day.
And when you're approaching the Big Five-Oh, fitness must take priority. Fitness in mind, body and soul.

I try to be a role model to my kids.

And according to my 12 year old, I am on the computer a lot. Although it's part of my "job", he compares it on being hooked on video games.

So just like when I tell my kids to get off the video games and go outside - play, or be active. I need to do the same thing.

Yoga can do wonders. Stretch. Breathe. Focus.

My niece has started yoga this year. Her dedication to push herself and not be intimidated by the difficulties is commendable.  I can't wait to take her to Global Mala 2013. I'm looking forward to her articles here in GLM about yoga.

I enjoy walking outdoors. You can usually spot me walking in the neighborhood with either my husband or my close friend, Dawn.

This morning was supposed to be regular walk but it was freezing that I ended up doing a quick run.

On some days, I would actually drag the entire family out for a walk around the lake, which always turns out to be a fun day learning new tricks from my 12 year-old.

And on some days, the pleasure of reading a book does help.

Be fit. Be healthy. Let's make it our priority.

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  1. Saw this blog in another one.

    Yes it should be. Recently I have put away the car and started walking to the BART station (our subway in the SF Bay Area) in the morning and in the evening. Also, I am eating fruit salad in the morning for breakfast (I have never really ate breakfast my whole life-I am 44).

    Thanks for the tips


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