Jersey Shore Summer Expedition 2014: Ocean Grove Beaches

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer means family time and if you live in New Jersey chances are you and your family will spend a few days at the Jersey Shore.

Last Friday was Day 1 of our family's Jersey Shore Summer Expedition.
In preparing for a few hours at the beach, I packed the following: beach chairs, umbrella, towels, mat, sun block, insect repellant, water bottles, snacks, brim hat, change of clothes and a book. However, I forgot to pack the kids' boogie boards.

Ocean Grove Beaches were the first on the list of beaches to visit this summer.  

On the way to the shore, we passed by quite a few interesting and charming shops and restaurants. Since we had a late start, we thought parking would be a problem, but we found a free parking spot within walking distance from the beach.

The Daily Badge costs $8 per person and children under 12 are admitted free (only if accompanied by an adult). The attendant was courteous and food coolers are allowed to be brought to the shore!

The weather was perfect and surprisingly Ocean Grove Beaches wasn't crowded at all.

My husband, who spent his childhood summer days at Coney Island said,

"Have you seen the photos of Coney Island in the summer time? Well, unlike here at Ocean Grove, I spent my beach summer days with people on top of each other."

The Ocean Grove Beach wasn't crowded at all. It's one of the quieter beaches in New Jersey. There's no busy boardwalk atmosphere and we had access to the changing rooms for free.

The kids brought their badminton, but there was too much wind to play.

The water was perfect. Although there were plenty of shells by the shore, we had a blast relaxing, body surfing and walking along the shore.

While we were having a fun and relaxing family time, my three kids all agreed,

"This is a great idea. Good times!"

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