Short Kid Tall Kid : The Pains of Being Short . Does Height Matter?

Monday, March 23, 2015

My youngest (nicknamed FOUR) has been the shortest in his class - ever since Pre-K. I don't really notice how tall his peers are until I see them at school events.

For years we've consulted with an endocrinologist, monitored his bone age, weight and height growth.

Everything’s normal. He’s growing as God intended him to grow.

My son, THREE, was the shortest in his class until his junior year in High School. He said that it might seem that height doesn’t matter, but for teenage boys – it does – especially when girls in your class are a lot taller than you.

There were only a few instances that my son's height became an issue: Roller coaster or water park rides and a few bullies at Middle School or at camp where he was picked on for being short . Luckily, FOUR  has a charming personality and supportive childhood friends who have his back - and he grew enough last summer that he made it passed the height requirements for theme park rides.

However, at his CCD class yesterday, height measurements were taken at Church to determine the size of their Confirmation gowns.

And there he was – feeling short once again.

Mom: “How was your Church Tour today?”

FOUR: “It was good. I found out I was 5 feet tall.”

Mom: “Wow – that’s amazing! You’re growing.”

FOUR: “Ah, I guess . I didn’t realize my friend E is 5’10, R is 5’9 and a few of my other friends are 6 feet tall.”

Dad: “ I didn’t realize they’re that tall.”

Mom: “They probably have very tall parents. You should be happy – you’re growing! You’re catching up. Oh babe, I’m proud of you. I love you. ”

FOUR: “There’s really nothing to be proud about. I’m still short.”

Mom: “FOUR, you’re 14 and you're still growing. Look at your brothers. I don’t know how tall you’ll be by the time you get to High School. “

Dad: “FOUR, height is not something to be proud about. Height is nothing you worked hard for – it’s beyond your control. It’s nothing to be proud of – it’s either you’re born tall or not. “

Mom: “FOUR, look at you – you’re adorable. You have a loving heart, a beautiful soul and you’re blessed to have the ability to learn simple and complex stuff. “

FOUR: “I know.”

And then we went to our wall of memories and made the mark of the  new milestone in my son’s teenage life.

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