What makes you smile?

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

When you listen to people's stories, sometimes you wonder, how can someone smile through all that pain and sorrow?

The past months have been tough for so many people; some of those people include you, your family, your friend.

With all the hardship, sometimes it's hard to find a balance. But we need to make time to look up and watch the skies.

Do you take your lunch break and go out for a walk?
Do you enjoy the moment of being outdoors?
Do you go out and play?

It's no secret that music has a direct correlation to one's mood.

Last night when I heard about the death of a beloved cousin, I didn't think twice when my youngest asked me to listen to a new song.  He learned to play the guitar, and after one song, I joined him and sang-a-long.

What makes you smile? I'd love to hear.

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