BE HUMAN: Tapestry's CEO, Jide J. Zeitlin, talks about diversity, inclusion and hope #nycprotest

Wednesday, June 03, 2020

I've been struggling on what to write since I watched the news video about the murder and death of George Floyd.   I won't pretend to fully comprehend or be the source of truth on what happened and the events that transpired since.

As I wrote on Instagram:
My heart is overflowing with emotions. I do not know how to process except to cry, be angry, pray, offer our deepest sympathies -- to LISTEN and LEARN from others on what we can do to help and support.

Yesterday, my family sat down and talked about the death of George Floyd in , Minneapolis, Minnesota, the death of retired St. Louis Police Captain David Dorn the protest, the riots and the damages done to small businesses. WHY do these events (keep) happening? How can we be part of the change? Can we change the system? How do we help solve social imbalances, injustices, violence and racism? Can we really all come together and find solutions?

We need to have honest conversations. I love America and believe most people are good,. But listening to people, there seems to be a need to re-evaluate the process/system, help advocate to change policies - policies that will reform not just law enforcement, education system, provide equal opportunities -- how can we help lift various economically challenged neighborhoods and communities? What can we do? Can we really do anything to make a change? Is there a solution?

Today's Bible verses talked about Love, Service, Humility and Forgiveness. Yesterday, the focus was on Peace. The Devotional talked about how "Government have their ups and downs. Our politicians are human beings with human weaknesses like our own."

And then this afternoon,  one of our colleagues from Tapesty  (mother company of of Coach, Kate Spade and Stuart Weitzman) forwarded a news video of CEO Jide J. Zeitlin, one of 4 African-American CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. I watched his interview on Good Morning America multiple times.

"What is the underlying issue that caused people to step out of the street, protest and take the steps that they took?"

Here are quotes from Zeitlin's interview on Good Morning America:

Be HUMAN.You should see color.You should see differences.And we should celebrate those differences because we should realize at the end of the day,we are STRONGER because of our diversity.Because people with different perspectives, different insights, are much better at solving problems, much better coming TOGETHER than everybody who has the same perspective

Almost 60 years have passed, yet America is still struggling to solve a 400-year old problem. We cannot leave this task to others.

I'm listening .

I'm learning.

Stay safe everyone.

Let's continue to listen and learn.

Hugs & prayers,

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