What makes you happy?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happiness is not something you just think about
It’s something your heart beats to.

Happiness is not something handed to you
It’s something you aim for.

Happiness is looking at your child’s eyes and he smiles back at you;
Happiness is being with someone who cares for “all” of your being;
Happiness is something to share with someone – and it’ll definitely blossom.

Happiness is not just being “content” - it is a “work in a progress”
Once you get a claim on it, it should be something that drives your every hour.

Whenever happiness seems to be taking a break,
Just force yourself to put on a smile :) and it will definitely sneak back in your life.

Every day we make choices.
We cannot change the past.
We cannot change what we're born with.
We cannot change how people react.
We cannot change the unexpected.
How we react to these changes,
Our attitude towards the choices we make,
leads us to the path of happiness.

Wishing everyone pure happiness.

What makes you happy?

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  1. Thanks for sharing that.

    Is that a picture of Cinderella's Castle at Christmas? The angle is very neat.

    That is something that makes me happy, going away with my family, away from televisions, computers and phones and just spending quality time together making memories.

  2. @Tammy - that is a picture of Cinderella castle in Disneyworld's Magic Kingdom last New Year's Eve! - A week spent with the family!!

  3. Seeing the look on my children's faces when they discover something new or when they accomplish something for the very first time. Hearing their laughter and knowing that they are happy and healthy. These things make me happy :o)

  4. Happiness is my family and GOD. I should say GOD, then my family.. but anytime spent with them is always PURE HAPPINESS.


    Love ya girlie

  5. @Tami - thanks for reminding us about God's love. A Happy, happy day!

  6. I'm happy when our whole family is together.
    Also when my daughter tells me she loves me out of the blue. And when she curls up in bed next to me.

  7. Just being with my family makes me happy, sharing with my bloggy friends, and being with real life friends. : )

  8. What a beautiful post, Jen! My child makes me happy and the love of God makes me happy!

  9. Being with my family is sheer happiness for me!!

    Have a wonderful day, Jenjen!!

  10. What makes me happy? When I'm faced with following God or doing my own thing and I follow God in His timing. What else makes me happy? Clean little baby feet. Clear ocean sunsets on warm days. Seeing my hubby play with my boys. Finding the perfect blouse...there are so many things that make me happy. I love being happy!

  11. What makes me happy? Knowing that my children are walking with the Lord!!! True happiness comes with the peace of God, and being content regardless of the situation.

  12. www.gottalovegrandmarozJuly 12, 2009 at 7:35 PM

    When my children, and grandchildren, are happy, I am happy too - That is something that never changes, no matter how old they are-no matter how old I am.
    Yesterday was a very happy day. This week is a great week too, because Josh is here and Jonathon is coming to visit too.
    Love your blog today.
    Love you too.
    Grandma Roz (Mom)

  13. Sorry Jen, I don't know why my comment posted so many times LOL. Must've been a bug!

  14. Hey Jen, Great post! I echo what many have said...my family, friends...and my dogs make me happy. The love and grace of God make me happy. And a lot of little things...a beautiful sky, finding a piece of sea glass on the beach, curling up on the couch on a rainy day to read a good book or watch an old movie...little things that all bring a smile.

  15. Beautiful post. :)

    Among other things, I feel that lightness of being when I see my children happily playing, laughing, and just enjoying each other's company.

  16. WHat a lovely post...helped me remember that even though we may have a bad day, happiness is still right around the corner. Thank you!!! :)

    A nice day with family and friends and hearing my son laugh makes me happy!!! (Had that day yesterday!)

  17. It’s unanimous – children, families and God’s love make us happy!
    @Becca – I love when my kids hang out in my bed, too!
    @Pam – Amen to friends – in the real world and the blog-o-sphere!
    @Jennifer – God’s love truly makes me happy, too!

    The night after my bday, my Dad in the Phils was admitted to the hospital. But Thank God, he is doing better now and he finally agreed to do dialysis. So I’m happy that God has guided my Dad to make the right decision and that my family are all helping each other!

    @Veronica – have a good day, too. Your unique photographs make me happy!

    @Lorrie, thanks for being here! God’s love among other things is definitely number one! You definitely sound like a happy person – do spread that happiness!

    @Alicia – true peace with God , definitely!

    @Grandma – love you, too!

    I’m so glad to see you guys here! Until next time..
    Have a great week…

  18. @Paula, Blogger was having problems - don't worry! I love seeing all of them!

    @Suzanne, glad to see you back here..God's grace and all the little things are truly special!

    @Buckeroomama - Children getting along always makes MAMA smile :)

    @BrwnEyedGal - your son must have a contagious laugh!

    Thank you all for being here!

  19. Jen, I forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday! May everything you wish for come true :o)


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