Hold on...or let it go?

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Memories stay with you. Some of them probably got tucked in – hidden at the back of your “brain” file cabinet, but once someone refreshes an event or a mannerism, you’ll remember it like it was just yesterday.

Summer’s almost over – but one thing is for sure! Summer of 2010 is definitely one summer to remember! I have memories of families and friends that will keep me smiling every day – until next summer!

Some memories are captured in photographs – digital or the old fashioned photo prints.

Some memories are recorded in videos.
Some memories are treasured in your heart.
Some memories are bestowed with ever lasting fame in the world wide web.

There are things – toys, furniture, book that brought plenty of memories in one’s life.

A rocking chair where you sat hours in the middle of the night to calm down a crying child;

Or to simply rock him to sleep as you sing “Edelweiss”
Or to sit next to your little guy as he shares his “story of the day”;
Or to gently sway to and fro as you read him “Good Night Moon”.

Memories of the first ping pong “tournament” between a father and a son;

Or a parent teaching a child how to play pool;
Or friends and families gather around the pool – singing, laughing and dancing;
Or a two year-old climbing the pool table to dance on top of it;
Or a teenager sitting next to it as he composes a love song or a break-up song.

But unfortunately, sometimes, there’s not enough physical space to store all these.

And there’ll be a time when you’ll be faced with a dilemma.
Do I hold on to these things, or do I let go?

Sometimes in letting go, you end up refreshing the memories...

As a kid, I’ve always kept a journal. I used to write everything on it every night before I went to bed. But when I left Manila 26 years ago, almost all of my stuff were lost or damaged.

I wonder what it would be like to be able to read what I felt or thought of back then?
Will I smile or will I cry?
Am I living the life I dreamed of having?

I believe that it’s okay to let go. The memories are in my heart and in my soul – the good and the “not-so-good” memories. Even the “not-so-good” memories or events in our lives are part of who we are – they are part of what makes us unique.

Sometimes, it takes years before heart aches heal. But if you realize that life is short, the healing process can definitely accelerate. Even the worst of events can result in something beautiful.

I learned late in my 46 years that holding a “grudge” is not way to lead a happy life. After a while, it is so much better to forgive and let it go…holding on to the pain is just not pleasant. Relationships, aspirations and goals – sometimes they don’t work out. However, life is so much more cheerful if you extend your arms and focus on the good by-product.

Just like you can purge of your life with things that has brought a lot of memories, there are heartaches that deserve the “refresh” button.

G-d has always worked in mysterious ways. I don’t usually understand HIS plan. But I know that HE only wants me to better.

So remember, no matter where you are in your life, there’s always a way to become a better you - and more memories to create!

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  1. "I believe that it’s okay to let go. The memories are in my heart and in my soul – the good and the “not-so-good” memories. Even the “not-so-good” memories or events in our lives are part of who we are – they are part of what makes us unique."

    - Exactly!! :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Jenjen! I haven't forgotten you either!

    I'm not sure if this works for you but whenever I have to part with something I truly treasure that brings me wonderful memories, I capture a picture of it. Somehow, knowing that I can look at it again and again even in digital form makes letting go easier.

    Love you, sista.

  3. @Buckeroomama, the past is truly a part of us - maybe it's the asian culture! Maybe that's what Miss Philippines meant when she as asked at the Miss Universe pageant.
    @Veronica, miss you, too. Definitely true that photographs/images make it easier to let go because you know deep inside, the memories are still there..

  4. Honey, The "chair" found it's rightful place in our Sunroom. Everyone that enters the room goes right to the chair. We love it and it, in turn, loves being here. So it didn't leave us, it just grew up and moved on. This "chair" has to stay in the family. It is like the "bench", filled with treasured memories; old and new. Love, Mom

  5. Its always hard to let go of things. I really need to let go of alot of old things!


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